Monday, September 8, 2008

911.. WTF?

I just watched 911, the documentary. I am stunned. That documentary is blow after blow. There's something wrong with it. Primarily the act of terrorism that it is about, but there's something more wrong. I'm not really sure why this upsets me more that the terrible fact of the event itself. The documentary makes it look even more premeditated.

First it hit my emotions. To see the firemen enter that 110 story building and ask if the elevators are working! What about rule #1... never use elevators in a burning building? OK, but maybe the makers of rule #1 didn't think of buildings 110 stories high, so this rule does not apply in Manhattan. Lacking elevators they start walking up in that burning melting chimney, with their heavy gear.. one story a minute, that means it will take them 70 minutes to reach the burning top. Was there no-one there who could have told them that a burning building will never withstand over an hour of fire? They will be too late, and worse! I paused the tv to search on the internet if they had all died, because I couldn't stand the suspense any longer, and I found that 343 firemen died in that event. With my mind somewhat at ease because I already know the worst, I continue watching.

Then the second tower gets hit, it gets hit in a much lower elevation and as a result the structural integrity is more weakened and it collapses first. As soon as the second tower collapses the commander of the men in the first tower pulls them out. Not a minute too soon. None of them die. Miraculously, they all survive and you're starting to feel as though you are watching a Disney movie.

It is crazy. I confess that I cried. But then, I started to think.

Did they ever find gas at that supposed "gas leak"? And.. OK.. so what if one of those firemen was a professional actor. Those two brothers were movie directors, they normally would add some professionalism to the documentary they were planning to make by spiking it a little with an undercover insider, I get that. But .. one or two coincidences will help me feel there is a God. Many coincidences will make me think there has been tampering.

If this were staged, all of it.. it would be so enormously, terribly monstrous, I can hardly believe it. Then again.. not that much more unusual than war.

Here's an older link, the same but with some more info.

Captain Dennis Tardio (1:22:09) : "I can't believe we all made it out. How did we make it out of that building ? Thirty seconds — another two flights higher — why am I alive and so many others are dead ?" An interesting question. Of the 343 firemen killed that day, 95 came from Division 1, the five Manhattan battalions closest to the Trade Center,* and of those five, the highest death toll (25) was from Battalion 1 — but none of them were from Duane Street. Only three other houses in the division recorded zero deaths — Canal Street, Henry Street and East 18th Street. Duane Street, however, unlike them, claimed to have supplied some of the first firemen into the tower (Pfeifer was the first chief — 27:56). Somehow, the first-in-last-out rule seems not to apply here. "A firefighter in full gear carrying 60-something pounds of hose and equipment takes about a minute to climb one flight of stairs": Hanlon (29:55). Which means that if Engine 7/Ladder 1 started climbing as soon as they arrived — say, about 9 a.m. — they could have been something like 50 floors up by the time the South Tower collapsed just before 9.59, presuming they could sustain that speed indefinitely, which is highly unlikely.


Reader Wil said...

I am glad I didn't see it. Catastrophies are often, no always used as an excuse for other more horrific atrocities. President Bush was glad with 911, for it was a reason to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and he forced his allies, including our country to follow him. The French and the Germans saw immediately that this was a wrong decision for the wrong reasons. Well... it still makes me furious...

thyme said...

If this were staged by the US that is far worse than terrorism, it is too treacherous to comprehend. This man, Leslie Rafael, raises valid questions about things that struck me as odd when I watched. These firemen were not specially trained for this kind of emergency. Thy made unwise decisions. Then how come all survived? Too much coincidence and there is more.