Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've been programming too much. My version of the hated Mirosoft Unspecified Error #blablah34534533 as of today is: "????-2". LOL now if only i could find what causes it...

Here's something you will understand.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Application reference missing: AcDbBlockRepETag, to AcDbLine

This VBA tool is a solution to the error Autocad can give while you're attempting to close the reference editor in Autocad and saving the changes you made.

"Application reference missing: AcDbBlockRepETag, to AcDbLine" or similar.

The cause is Xdata attached to elements in the block you are editing, referencing an application that is no longer registered in the drawing. Autocad does not use this XData and you can safely delete it. Just do not delete the XData for application ACAD or your customized dimensions may suddenly go shapeless.

Run this macro while in refeditor if you get the error. Set "check" to True if you want to monitor what is happening, to FALSE if you have a trusting disposition. No cancel button, yet, working on it.


Public Sub DeleteXData()
Dim alles As AcadSelectionSet
Dim xtype(0) As Integer
Dim mappname, naam As String
Dim element As AcadEntity
Dim check As Boolean

xtype(0) = 1001

Call SelectieSet(alles, "alles")
alles.Select (acSelectionSetAll)
For Each element In alles

element.GetXData "", xtypeOut, xdataOut

On Error Resume Next

check = True

If check Then
If xdataOut(0) <> mappname Then
MsgBox ("Xdata has been attached by application: " & xdataOut(0) & ". ")
End If
If Not (IsEmpty(xtypeOut)) Then
If naam <> element.ObjectName Then
naam = element.ObjectName
MsgBox ("Element name: " & element.ObjectName)
End If
End If
End If

mappname = xdataOut(0)
If mappname <> "ACAD" Then
element.SetXData xtype, Array(mappname)
End If
If Err Then Err.Clear
On Error GoTo 0

Next element
If Err Then Err.Clear
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

Public Sub SelectieSet(ss, Name)
On Error Resume Next

Set ss = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add(Name)
If Err Then
Set ss = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Item(Name)
End If
On Error GoTo 0

End Sub


Saturday, April 12, 2008

file away!

My day started off bad with timber troubles and I had to call a carpenter to fix it because all the result I got when I tried were a blood blister on my middle finger and a split piece of timber. Later when I started up my computer to do some work, every damn program I tried to start gave me an error message, starting with the driver for the graphics card. Autocad reported that there was something wrong with the installation and would have to be reinstalled. Panic! The newest version needs four disks. The previous installation lasted all through the night. That time I went to bed at three and had to get up and get to work at six and it was still going. I got up, shoved a new installation cd in the cd drive, a piece of bread in my own mouth, closed the lid of the laptop without turning it off, put it in the bag still rattling and drove to work. On arrival there, after a one hour drive, the installation was finally complete.

I tried to repair the install without resorting to a new installation but it wouldn't go. Then I tried to reinstall. That didn't work either. Then I panicked.

Searching the internet for the exact error message that appeared I found that it had something to do with a messed up installation of Microsoft Framework dot Net. That must have happened with yesterdays Automatic updates. I'm really starting to get fed up with microsoft automatic updates! This reminds me of Excel 2003.. after a Microsoft update it suddenly would not open Lotus spreadsheets anymore. Now if I want to open a Lotus file I first need to go to Control Panel -> software and deinstall the latest security update for Microsoft Excel. Every time, because the damn stubborn idiot thing keeps reinstalling the stoopid update after I've turned my back. I've tried to switch that off, so now it doesn't give me the option any more, it just goes ahead without asking. Obviously I can't be trusted with making important decisions. Heh.

Long story short (believe me, you don't want to know how long exactly) I tried to remove the Framework dot Net versions but initially couldn't, then searched around, read other peoples reports of the same problem, followed other other peoples advice for solutions, and finally succeeded in cleaning up and reinstalling the offensive programs, and then reinstalling Autocad. That took the whole day, from 10AM to 8PM.

In between I had time to clean the superkids room and chase away some spiders nesting in the dust. I found out that contrary to what I have always thought, Rinke (the superkid) is really a very organized person. He even has a filing cabinet with labelled boxes. Which is lucky for him. Because I was armed with a very big garbage bag and a very bad mood. This label was the only thing standing between his precious belongings and the incinerator.

Label: "Spy fyle box - Rinke".
("spionnen docee doos" -> docee = "dossier")

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My DVD player broke. It kept on swallowing my DVD and then pretended that there was "no disk" and refused to open up and let me see it. I can't stand dishonesty in my household equipment. I attacked it with a knife and I'm afraid that terminally damaged our relations. It has to go.

I'm cheap. I don't like to buy new things. But I don't like to do without stuff either. What I do like, is to combine different functions into the same piece of equipment. The superkid, effortlessly playing my mean streak, talked me into buying him a PS2 that cost three times as much as a DVD player would cost me, but which combines that function with another - be it completely useless - one: that of the game computer. I fell for the trick and ordered it last Friday.

The internet store quickly sent it before I'd have a chanche to change my mind and it arrived today.

I see two definite plusses to this purchase, over a regular DVD player. For one, it is much smaller. I love that. And second, we're never going to be searching for the remote anymore. This one is on a wire.

PS this afternoon I got a call from another online shop I buy from sometimes, and guess what: they offered me a gift DVD player if I placed an order with them now.
I smell a conspiracy!

teeth in front of the tongue...

Yeah, I'm bad, I know it. Posting photo's of my kid on the interweb without his express permission. But he's got it coming. This was the face he pulled the afternoon in response to the orthodontist asking him to open his mouth.

He needs new braces, the first one isn't doing anything any more. What am I saying... the first one he lost at school. The first spare he lost in the laundry, it popped up again after we got the second and last spare from the dentist. By that time it didn't fit any more, proof that the braces he was wearing were working, changing the shape of his mouth. He then was very careful about not losing the last spare because he was not going to bite in the putty stuff to make a new cast, no way, they had tricked him into doing that once but he wasn't having THAT happen to him again.

He says he can't breathe and the stuff tastes foul. To be exact, it tastes of NOTHING! The unimaginable horror! Not having any. This is the face. We have tried everything short of using a crowbar. (By the way that stuff in the corners of his mouth is not apple sauce, it is his brand new moustache.)

Two of his front teeth are completely lost right in the middle of his palate. He's got a double row of teeth, like a shark.

He won't bite for the dentist. So it was decided today that he's going to have them pulled. Knowing that having his nails cut is excruciating torture for him, that he can't stand to have his hair cut and that he lives in constant fear of allowing me to even point at his pimples for the danger that I may squeeze one... the thought of dealing with having his teeth pulled scares me a bit. Teeth in front of the tongue are not always good advice. I am really not sure how to prepare him for the consequences of his "decision".

I'll get him ice cream. To eat the day week after. Frozen pizza and gazpacho...

Some tortures are physical
And some are mental,
But the one that is both
Is dental.
~Ogden Nash

Monday, April 7, 2008

do onto others...

.. as others do onto you.

I want to be a pensioner! Some day.

The trouble with being self-employed (one of the troubles) is that it is not an automatic certainty that you will ever reach that glorious state of existence. You have to arrange it for yourself. I am not very much at home in financial talk in my own language, so I am not sure where to start explaining in English. Lets say I am like a squirrel and have hidden a few pumpkin seeds with different squirrel life policy banks. But as of this year, there is this new thing, a pension arranged by the labour union for self employed squirrels. Unlike other mediators working for banks and insurance companies they don't aim to make a profit, so it has much better cost-effect. I want it.

I called the ensurance companies where I pumpkined my pumpkin seeds. They generoulsly admitted to have been robbing me, charging high costs for keeping my pumpkin seeds for me. Basically they are eating one-third of my pumpkin seeds, on the feeble excuse that I would have to pay them in woodpeckeres anyway, if they did not relieve me of my heavy load. Disregarding the fact that my income is not that high, and I don't pay that much woodpecker. They then congratulated me on the fact that I now have the possibility to give my pumpkin seeds in keeping with a non-profit organization and they offered to send me a quote for the cost of freezing my nut pumpkins (discontinuing to add pumpkin seeds each month) or to even transfer the nut pumpkin to be combined with another one, bringing them all together with one company. Of course there would be costs for the pumpkin seeds that were going to be moved. But they assured me that if the Labour Union are licensed to act as a mediator to open insurance policies, they will be able to do this for me.

It seemed a good idea to take another policy with the Labour Union Nutkeepers and combine my other pumpkin seeds into that same pumpkin even if that means losing some now, because it is certain I am going to completely forget about some of them later. It will more or less even out. I wrote this little note:

Dear Labour Union,

I would like to open a nut pumpkin with your Union pension fund. At this time I have two pumpkins of pumpkin seeds with other companies. Would it be possible to unite these with my new pumpkin into one single imperial Union nut pumpkin?

Sincerely, etc.

They wrote back:

Dear madam,

It is not possible to combine your pumpkin seeds into one Union pumpkin.
We trust to have sufficiently informed you.

Regards, The Labour Union

That was it. Not a word more or less. I am so baffled. How dare they say no! I wonder if this response is typical for a non-profit organization. I also wonder, if the person who wrote this knows what they are doing, because they don't give a reason for their impertinent refusal. I think I am going to have to rephrase my request:

Dear sir, madam,

I would like to open a pension policy with the Union. At this time I have two other pension trusts with different companies. I would like to bring them together in one Union pension policy. Please inform me how I can do this.

Thank you in advance.

Or maybe I should stick with the highway robbers. At least they seem to know what they are doing.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I am a little slow...

The superkid has a new stop-word. Whenever I get impatient with him, (and my patience lasts shorter than my attention span, which is not very.. what was I saying?) .. he starts: "I am a little slow.." and on the rare occasion where I do not interrupt him before the end .. "in understanding". I wonder where he got this. He has got a really nice teacher this year, it may be something she has helped him to get familiar with saying, because it can be useful for him when he goes about his life more independently if other people understand what he is about, or what it is about him, that is different from the norm.

The superkid is going on sixteen and he is seriously thinking about leading a life away from home. I think it will be necessary for him to learn the skills that it takes, to learn to do some housework, and to learn to cook, and to at least wash his own butt and wipe his nose on something else than the sleeve of his black winter coat of which the left hand cuff is perpetually marked with greenish white slime-stripes. And hygiene. But maybe that is a little bit much to demand from any member of the male gender. We'll just lay off the hygiene for now, and start with something more immediately rewarding: he wants to learn how to cook. More precisely, how to cook pasta. It is very motivating to him that I am a lousy cook, in his opinion, with a deplorable penchant for vegetables. And not enough pasta. And my food vegetables are never too spicy enough. He makes a point in saying that the only greens he likes are tomatoes. (And he will eat an onion occasionally.) (Raw.) (A whole one.) (He likes to eat onions.) (Raw.)

So we have made a deal: he will cook for me one time each week. He will find a recipe and make a shopping list. I will accompany him to the supermarket, give him money, let him go in alone and wait for him to come out again with his groceries. Then we walk home where he will do the cooking. Today was the first time and it was a grand success. He made pasta. I was expecting lasagna, because it is his favourite dish. However, he had chosen a simple pasta with a sauce of whipped cream and beaten eggs, bacon and parmesan cheese. That was it. No veggies. Not even tomatoes. He told me that it would not be a problem if I wanted to throw in some tomatoes and onions out of my own pure-hearted generosity but this was the recipe he was going to cook. It was in the book, and that's what he was sticking to.

The shopping list:
parmesan cheese

The parsley he added by his own initative after I had insisted that the meal should comprise something "green".

We walked the three blocks to the supermarket. I gave him a twenty. Holding his pants up with one hand and his shopping list and the twenty flapping in the other hand, he walked through the entrance, looking around a litte bit bewildered, a little man all alone, with no teacher, no classmates, no mom...

After just two seconds he came back and gestured to me from the other side of the barrier.. would I push a trolley his way? That would be practical indeed. I did and also bade him to put his money in his pocket. Then I turned around and went to mail a letter on the other side of the street. After a little while, it felt like thirty minutes and it might have been three, I had to go see how he was doing. I didn't want to "cheat" and follow him in, but I stayed behind the counters and tried to peek down the aisles for a glimpse. I didn't see him. Only two of the five counters were occupied and the other three were not blocked with a chain like the supermarkets in the city always do with the empty counters, so I was free to walk in past one of them, and there I saw him. He was looking intently at the racks with the pasta condiments. I concluded that he was doing ok, he was in the right aisle, there was even something in his trolley. It looked green. So I went back. After a few more minutes I saw one of the boys who work there filling the racks, give him something.

Good, so he knows to ask if he can't find anything. I put on my ipod.

Not long afterwards, I saw him come up tho the counter. One of the two counters that were open had no line, the other one had two customers, each with trolleys stacked brimfull of groceries, one was paying, the other just starting to put her things on the conveyor. He joined the cosy little group at the busy counter. With a serious look on his face he picked up the little bar to separate his groceries from the customer in front of him and put his things on the line. I shuffled behind another customer because I didn't want to stare at him and make him nervous, his face was already so tight, he looked like he really meant business. When he had accepted his ticked I joined him and examined what he had got.

I was pleasantly suprprised by the improvisation of two sachets of dried tomato-pasta sauce. They had not been on the list. However, the spaghetti was missing. I pointed this out. He in turn pointed at the sachets. "Spaghetti", it said in red lettering. They were what the shop assistant had given him, when he had asked where the pasta was. But that is sauce, I said. He told me that he had hoped it was "spaghetti with sauce".

The cream he brought back was a can of sugared whipped cream. The bacon, thin sliced bacon for sandwiches. But he did have the parmesan cheese and the parsley. Found it all by himself, he said. He knew where to find the parmesan cheese. And six eggs.

We decided that the cream would be nice for the coffee afterwards, and it wasn't really necessary for the sauce now with the tomato spaghetti sachets. The thin bacon would do. But he'd have to go back to get the spaghetti.

The second time he came to the counters, one more had closed. This time he was fourth in line. The lady in front of him, with a very full trolley, turned around and offered to let him go first. He graciously declined. "But you only have one item" she tried again. "Oh but it's allright", he said, and smiled. "So you are not in a hurry" she said. "no, I'm fine." he said. "Because I really don't mind, if you go ahead of me" she said. "Oh I'm allright like this", he held up his part of the conversation, and smiled again. (He later told me that he had not wanted to appear selfish.)

This evening, we had a meal that he truly mostly cooked up all by himself except I had to light the fire for him a few times and help him drain the spaghetti. And the green beans that I sneaked in, but they really didn't spoil it at all because they were covered in dried tomato sauce so much you would have hardly been able to tell the difference if you didn't know about them. He has decided that he is a better cook than I am. It is like this, we each have our different talents. He is a little bit slow in understanding. But he is good at math. He's got a preference for adding but he can do subtracting if it must be. And he is a pretty good cook.

says it all...zzzzz