Monday, February 2, 2009

the truth, america...

Apologies to the people who can not see the videos. But I have gotten entangled in a discussion about freedom of speech in the Netherlands, and Fitna, the anti-Muslim hate movie of our own bottle-blond Geert Wilders.

It seems that there are many people in America who sympathize with Geert Wilders now that he is being charged and brought to court for sowing hatred. These Americans think this is against Freedom of Speech as it is described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I don't think so. The Netherlands have only two exceptions on Freedom of speech: it is forbidden to incite hatred on the grounds of race or religion.

Fitna, I hate it. The movie itself is an act of terrorism.

My reason for hating it (and getting all worked up about it) is that every single Muslim I know is a gentle person who would never hurt anyone. This film is filled with terror and hate and wrong and out of context translations of the Quran. It makes Muslims look like murder machines that only need to be switched on. My own family came to the Netherlands from France over two hundred years ago because they were in danger of being killed for their religion and they were CHRISTIANS being murdered by CHRISTIANS. Christianity is not above this. If you translate bits of the Old Testament in a certain sense the Bible can be made to look just as evil.

If you are curious, go watch the original fitna here at UglyThingNoScoop, or the English translation here at LiveLeak.

For all the pain Al Queda has caused people, the West has caused Muslims a hundred times more in their quest for oil and domination of the Middle East. And although Al Queda did claim the attacks on the twin towers, it isn't even certain that the US government were not aware of the attack before it came, and let it happen with the purpose of making a propaganda movie - 911 the documentary by the Naudet brothers - in order to get the support to (re)start the war in the Gulf and regain dominance.

Why haven't the makers of this film been investigated? They were very conveniently on the spot! The Naudet brother holding that camera here knew exactly where to look.

Let me be clear on this: I am not and never will be, a Muslim. I consider myself lucky to be raised as a Christian, and as a Christian I find it wrong to do to others what I would not want them to do to me: I will deny no-one the right to practise their own religion in peace and I will not pass judgement before I know the full truth.

"We have to reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals."


Dick said...

I didn't see the Fitna movie only a few short fragments and I don't need to see it.
Religions have caused a lot of trouble in the whole history, I guess they are all as good as the people who believe in it.
Now, that doesn't make much sense does it. lol

thyme said...

Makes all the sense in the world! I hadn't seen the Fitna movie either, untill now, and I still haven't seen it to the end (there I go - "do not pass judgement untill you know the whole truth" .. Fitna is such an ugly thing I can't bring up the patience to sit through it!

Pietro said...

You rightly say: as a Christian I find it wrong to do to others what I would not want them to do to me.
I think this is a fundamental "rule", which it's good to apply in every circumstance of life: but it must be heartfelt, of course.

richies said...

I live in an are that is very intolerant of people of different race or religion. I recently wrote about this in a gentle way. You can read the post here

KingOfAnkh said...

The continuing warring between religions will never end in my lifetime, but a little understanding from both sides would hopefully bring the extremists on both sides to a negotiation table rather than killing each other.
People like this Geert Wilders do an immense amount of damage to many communities who struggle to keep the peace and therefore it's quite right for him to be charged and sentenced as a terrorist.

SandyCarlson said...

The Muslims I know are gentle people, too. I hate stuff like this that presents itself as wisdom but is nothing but meanness.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to fear but fear itself.
Anger should be like the fire extinguisher in a building -
it is only to be used in case of AN emergency...

Actualy I like the story of Hakim...

says Blondie

Xiwel said...

The Jews, Christians and Muslims share many stories in their holy books. Wilders has just a very narrow view.

I also believe that religion is not the cause for wars, but is used as a weapon. I saw that happen in the never ended colonial occupation of Northern Ireland. Irish had to work for the companies owned by the English. To me there's allmost no difference between RC and the English version of it.