Sunday, April 19, 2009

a compelling urge for porn

It has been a few days now, that I am having this irresistable urge to write about porn. In Dutch preferrably, but maybe I should practise a bit in English first and then try to get it right before I lash out at my government with irrefutable arguments that will not be ignored and succeed in changing the law (like that will happen). (Something like this would be nice, does this only apply in UTAH?)

My beef is with the accessibility of hard-core porn through the interweb by minors. Also with the ease minors can pay for internet porn via telephone.

I have heard several arguments proving that the fault is really mine:

1. I neglected to block 0906 and 0909 paid "information" phone services. People, I never asked for these paid information services in the first place, never used them. No paid information service was ever called from my phone line before Saturday a week ago. Am I being accused of negligence for not blocking a service that I was hardly even aware I had access to?

2. I neglected to block access to adult websites on my computers. But who would have thought, if there is a wireless access point in the house, kids can watch porn on their PSP through WiFi ? I bet they never told you about that.

It must be clear that in this day and age, parents are not capable of shielding their kids from seeing porn. The only ones who can do that are the porn business. By law however, they do not appear to be held to do so. I would like to see that changed.


Pietro said...

I agree with you.
In fact, it's possible to block access to adult websites on one's computer; but I didn't know that children can watch porn on their PSP through WiFi.

thyme said...

Plus, I am opposed to filtering sites that mention certain words. That would mean if I say "sex" you cant read me any more . Hello, are you still there?

Seriously, the entire industry should be shielded off to minors, and to people with impaired judgement, not individual computers. If that industry has any legal status at all, it can be regulated. Either that, or the industry is illegal. In the second case I will shield my computer, like I shield it from hackers and viruses, but I will still refuse to pay that phone bill, because in this event an illegal transaction would have happened to cause me these costs. For them to tell me which.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I couldn't agree more, thyme. Forgive me but I'm glad my kids are grown and this is no longer an issue in my home but it's a very big issue in the world. I've heard heartbreaking stories. It must be stopped. Children need to be protected. It's absurd that there are laws in this country banning low pants but this is allowed!

midlifeslices said...

I too, agree wholeheartedly. I had no idea about the PSP thing and will be sure to tell my daughter so she can keep an eye on my granddaughter's PSP player. Thanks for the heads up.

thyme said...

Midlifeslices : but the thing is that the only way to protect the PSP is to block the entire browser which is being very tough on the kids.

thyme said...

@ SMB : your country allows less of it than mine. For the first time in my life I wish I lived in the US. Utah looks fine. (Of course I might be in jail if I had grown up in Utah... with the way I dress...)

Xiwel said...

Kids are inventive and that's OK. Suppressing certain content makes that content more wanted.

Blocking 0901 thru 0909 numbers is smart, it can save you a lot of money.

When I was 11, there was no Internet, and the computers had the size of cabinets. So we 'found' the dirty magazins from parents. My parents didn't spent money on that, but the rich parents of my schooolfriend did. They locked it away, be he knew were the key was. So we were gazing at stuff we didn't understand.

It was worse that they also had strong alcohol 'locked away'. And we drank strohrum around that same age.

Those things will repeat for every generation. Just live with it. :-)

Mannen voor vrouwen

SandyCarlson said...

Wouldn't we be naive to think these porn peddlers aren't looking for the loopholes that let them into our homes to prey on curious kids and others who stumble unwittingly into their filthy electronic lairs?

This is all a bit like receiving magazine subscriptions we never asked for only to be told that it is up to us to cancel the bill. Yeesh! The form changes, but not the game.

thyme said...

Sandy, absolutely! Thank you.

Xiwel, I feel that you don't see what I mean. I can live with it, but I refuse to pay for it. The technology that made this possible is more than I can be held responsible for. We are talking about absurd amounts of money here: in this case an amount of 836 Euro in three days.

Xiwel said...

But that's why I also wrote: "Blocking 0901 thru 0909 numbers is smart, it can save you a lot of money."

And that problem is no fully attached to porn. My brother in law left his modem connected and clicked on a wrong link. Since then the modem connected to a 0906-proxy-provider which 'gave' him a 1 euro/minute connection. He discovered that after a few weeks when he saw the costs on his phone bill.

thyme said...

But blocking 0906 0909 numbers for me now is mustard after the meal - if you get my drift.

UPC protects its customers against unauthorized access to adult tv channels by blocking them and only releasing them on request. They admit that it would not be a big problem for them to do the same for 0906 numbers. A lot of people / parents never realize the danger untill after considerable damage is done.