Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Update on the porn front: although one of the offending porn sellers still refuses to credit my bill, the telco now have exteded me an ear. I have hopes that they will apply some rule that allows then to wipe my sheet clean, in the mean time I hope I have provided them with enough material to get their money back from the uncooperative webcam artists.

Update on the teeth front: #2 is out and it went superfast. Where the first tooth only came out after a minute or two of wriggling and applying some extra anaesthesia, the second was out with a plop in less time than it takes to blink an eye. On the way home the superkid wouldn't stop complaining about why I wouldn't take him to school. Blood still dripping from between his teeth, all he could think about was missing the teachers' birthday and his session of streetdance this afternoon. I told him they probably wouldn't let him in the school looking like he did, with his face full of blood, but he countered that a normal school probably wouldn't, but since his is a special ed school, his chances were good.

I honestly don't know where he got the totally-unphased-by-the-sight-smell-and-taste-of-blood genes from, it could not have been my side of the family. Unless it was my maternal grandfather, I never knew him but he is reported as a naval officer to have fought twenty muting chinese matelots recruited from the Shanghai prisons with his bare hands while they tried to cut off his big toes. He also performed surgery with a kitchen knife on a castaway they found somewhere in the Indian Ocean floating around on a raft, limbs rotting off. I had always thought these stories were pure fiction.


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Good luck on the porn front.
Congrats on the easy outing of the tooth.
and LOL@SK and his enthusiasm for school!

frogntoad said...

I thought the teeth came out during the surgery...?

thyme said...

Thanks SMB :)

@frogntoad: they did, one at a time. Yesterday was the second and last one.

Pietro said...

It's very good when useless teeth fall by themselves.

thyme said...

Thanks Pietro. The tooth didn't actually fall out by itself, the surgeon just did an amazingly fast job this time.

Indrani said...

Stories of your Grandpa are amazing! A brave man.

(btw the answers are up.:))

SandyCarlson said...

Your maternal grandfather had plenty of courage!