Thursday, July 30, 2009

letting go

My pocket camera died last week. I am the kind of person who sticks with the same brand. So this was the second Olympus I had. Second I bought withing a year. No kidding. And the last one. Olympus, not for me. The first one choked to death over a grain of sand. The second one I bought because I am that person, and it was practical to have a spare battery and charger. The third one is a Panasonic, because they are unbreakable and I already have a DZ30 and although it is too big to carry around with me everywhere, I love it to death.

Enough with the commercials. I put my two superflu spare batteries on a second hand site. I sold one the first day, and today someone rang to make an appointment to come and pick up the second one tomorrow, when they would pass near here on their way back home from their holidays in France. That is a story in itself... the fact that they are returning from their vacation means that they do not have children or very small children, because people with children in school have only left a week ago. And apparently they have an Olympus camera but they found out that the battery ran out too soon for their liking. Impulse-buying of batteries after the vacation is over...

Anyway.. I found out that selling things is addictive. It isn't as much the money, it is setting the goal, aiming a little bit higher, and then achieving it, whilst a the same time making sure to leave the other party satisfied. That part is important. I also like the fact that it allows me to let go of my old rubbish and hand it over to someone who cares.

In this past weeks I have sold, apart from the batteries; two bicycles, a wireless keyboard and eleven dvd's, for a total of 166 Euros. The dvd's I offer to exchange for other ones, but people like to just give a few Euro's. That's ok with me. It frees up closet space, I have a small house. I have also given a broken laptop and a non-broken kids bicycle for free. And that bicycle is the reason for this blog.

I'm not ever going to give away something that works again. I will explain. The next day I found it up for sale, on the same site I had offered it. That isnt the thing that really bothers me. I offered it without trainer wheels, and that guy had the trainer wheels, now he has the complete thing. It's ok for him to ask money for it. So what if you lied and said that you wanted it to teach your three year old to ride a bicycle. Everybody lies. But then, dude... bloody *beep* ... take the offer... !!!!

Someone offered 15 euros for it right away, and he's not taking it. What the *beep* is the *beep* waiting for? I bought that bicycle ten years ago for 25 Euros. He got it for free. Someone offers 15 Euros, and he is holding. What does he want? I can't stand it! I want to tell the other guy to teach him a lesson and withdraw his offer, but I have no way to reach him.

I am sooo never going to give anything for free again!

So much for letting go...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the waterproof one please, u don't need to wrap it

.. and I dropped my tablet, I'm not sure it will ever be the same...

I NEED that camera!

The storyboard: it didn't look particularly cloudy, and it was warm, so I went out in a dress and didn't even take a raincoat. When I had arrived at the store (15 kms) it had started to look like rain. My shopping almost done - standing at the checkout (I know it doesn't look like a checkout, I told you I dropped the tablet didn't I - caught a glimpse of what looked like night outside. It had started raining, but it was still warm. When I was halfway the 15 kms on the return way, and just after grinning back at some people hiding from the rain under a bridge, already getting soaked but still warm, I got hit by an avalaunche of water... for a few moments.. minutes.. I doubted myself and thought the dykes might have broken. I had trouble keeping my balance while slowly moving on to where I knew was the next dry bridge to hide under - or on... depending... and wondered if I would know my way home swimming if things got that bad...

When I got home, through halfway-shin-deep puddles, the sun had broken out again and I discovered that my pocket camera which I had been tempted to take out of my bag to witness the violence, but hadn't dared to expose to the wetness, had just drowned inside the bag.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

butcher = scientist... since when?

The Netherlands wants to ban the controversial anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd from sailing under the Dutch flag. Public Works State Secretary Tineke Huizinga said last month she wants to amend the law quickly to make this possible.

The American organisation Sea Shepherd has two ships sailing under the Dutch flag. The Netherlands provided the necessary certificate of registry for this in 2007, after Sea Shepherd had promised in writing not to use violence and to comply with the safety rules. Nonetheless, a number of incidents have taken place between Sea Shepherd ships and Japanese whalers in the Antarctic.

Japan has repeatedly complained to the Netherlands about the Sea Shepherd. It appears difficult at the moment to take action against ships that do not comply with the rules, so the cabinet wants to speedily extend its legal options for withdrawing certificates of registry, according to Huizinga.


As a Dutch citizen I am proud that the Sea Shepherds are sailing under the Dutch flag. Please help convince our government that international law cannot allow for whale butchery to pass as research, and that the Japanese government should be held to comply with the ban on whaling that has been effective since 1986.

Please sign this petition.. teken deze petitie alstublieft.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

rock you

Not feeling like blogging much. But I wanted to share this video, it's too cute!

Monday, July 6, 2009

case closed...

The porn bosses paid up. Both of them!

Case closed, I suppose. Except the telco still deserves a good spanking.