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From Latin digitus, digit (a finger or toe)

digit (plural digits)
1. A finger or toe.
2. (arithmetic) A numeral that can be combined with others to write larger numbers, and that cannot itself be split into other numerals.
The digits of the decimal number system are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, and those in the hexadecimal number system are those in the decimal system along with A, B, C, D, E and F.
The number 2307 has four digits: the thousands digit is 2; the hundreds digit is 3; the tens digit is 0; and the units digit is 7.
3. (slang, UK, in plural) One's phone number.
That girl likes me — she gave me her digits.

Isn't that funny... digits are what we used to count with, and we still do.

Since a few days I have limewire. A friend told me about it. I love it. I always used to spend a lot of money on books and ever since I discovered audiobooks that got worse, because they cost up to five times as much as the paper version. But they are great! Recently I am looking forward to driving to work and don't even mind getting stuck in a traffic jam, and if you knew me that would impress you, because I am the kind of person who are always switching lanes if they see the other lane is moving faster and I can get terribly irritated with other idiots on wheels who do or do not do the same, depending on wether they are pushing me from behind or slowing me down by not moving out from in front of me. But since the audiobooks, I am better. I'm good!

One setback of audiobooks is that it is difficult to concentrate on complicated task while listening. They interfere with your train of thoughts. But driving is not really that complicated, especially not on the turnpike in a traffic jam. For that reason, I have started to appreciate traffic jams. They are the best opportunity to listen quietly and uninterrupted. I will be delayed, nothing has changed, but at least I am pleasantly delayed.

Another setback as I already mentioned is that they are rather pricey. But I have found limewire. A friend told me about it last week, I downloaded it and found a world full of audio files, all for the sharing. I am not feeling guilty. OK, I am now taking music and audio from the internet without paying the author. But, the author would be equally unpaid if I did not take that music or audiobook. The books were paid for by the first user(s) who put them there. I am sharing a few hundred audio files that I did pay for, in exchange for the files that I am taking. It may be illegal, but it doesn't feel illegal. I like it.

One thing I noticed is the large amount of virii that circulate. They are mostly disguised as .zip files, some are actual executables, that have been renamed to a book or song title. They are small, and don't have the right size of the book or the movie they pretend to be. When you do a search they are usually the first that pop up. A great number of them seem to be the same file, and it gets renamed after each search term that you type in! Type something ridiculous like PinkRhinoWeatherStation and pop, you find a great bunch of pinkrhinoweatherstation.zip files and pinkrhinoweatherballoon.exe files all bright and sunny and hoping for someone to open them. "Rare recording", is another such example of applied psychology.

There are unexplored depths in this game, just waiting for me to find out more... I right-mouseclicked on one of the crazy things in the limewire window out of curiosity (without downloading!) and there was a menu option "advanced" -> "look file up with Bitzy". I clicked the "advanced" link three times to be sure that at least was safe and nothing terrible happened to my computer, before I got up the courage to click "look file up with Bitzy" ... and then it got me to a webpage that said the file that I was so wary of is a known Trojan (spyware). I "marked it as junk" (a limewire function) and now a lot of other files, with other names, but the same size, all of a sudden are marked as "junk" too... apparently it recognizes the file from the size and something else, not just the name.

Digits, they're funny. But other than that, they're ok. We found some good stuff in there too, and if I'm not here, I'll probalby be watching the Hogfather, or Pirates of the Carribean 1, 2 or 3, or I'll be blissfully sitting in the middle of a traffic jam, enjoying my book.