Rinke reads to me. He just read me the third page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He reads pretty well. He started all out of his own accord, and read the first two pages last Saturday but I was doing the washing up and didn't hear most of it. I did now and i was impressed. He is "retarded", has an IQ of 70 etc. etc. yadayada but he has a nice melody when he reads. I have to strain a bit to understand every word, because of his braces, and it is funny how he makes ends of sentences up when he doesn't completely understand, but he definitely reads, and enjoys it.

And Snape tells Voldemort that Harry will be moved "the 30th, the evening before his birthday", so he turned to me and said: "the first". Because Harry's birthday is the 31th, and he knows 31 minus 30 is 1...

He likes to read to me. Partly because he likes to feel proud and show off what he can do, and possibly partly because I fill in the gaps. But I try not to correct the bits that don't matter.