spiegeltje spiegeltje

I've been up all night.. ok well till 2:30... working. And now I'm done. Boiled and drained.

When my American customer wants something, they expect me to start in the morning my time, to be able to call me in the afternoon their time, and finish late evening their time. There is a 6-7 hour time difference. And I try to comply. I wish I wasn't made that way. It makes me feel grumpy and want to ban coworkers to my spamlist.

Now I've sent in my layout just before 2:30AM and slept till allmost 12AM. I woke up to find.. what a surprise. ... reviews and changes. So they have also worked till midnight on a Sunday.

Americans are crazy. CRAZY! I'd never want to live there, except I sometimes feel that I do, only with the crazy coworkers and without the big outdoors. Pity me, poor poor me... waily waily waily...