It aint much...

OK, (okay.. okaaaay, tsssk) I’ll admit it. I have so little to blog about that I’m down to insulting other peoples religions. But face it, the Dutch persuasion is like, the best religion, truly.

Take a cheese slicer. The Dutch cheese slicer is our in-official national symbol. For one thing: it is associated with cheese. And for another: it hands out slices. Thin ones. Exactly like the Dutch generosity. We’ll give you some of ours, but it’s either dosed with a cheese slicer or you have to take part in the national exercise of koekhappen (make like a goldfish for the dangling shortbread) to get it.

But cheese slicers are better than that. They are extremely multifunctional pieces of equipment. With a cheese slicer in your kitchen apparel you don’t need to worry about much. Besides the obvios (1.cheese slicing) you can also use it to 2. turn over pancakes 3. handle pieces of meat 4. Cut the lasagna, 5. ... cut pizza slices 6. Use it as a potato or a vegetable scooper 6. (I haven’t actually tried this yet) use as a soup spoon. Provided you close the gap, and it is thick soup, that is for sure.

Honestly. I know other countries are familiar with the marvelous invention of the cheese slicer, but the one I saw in my sisters home made me laugh. Try and scoop up your Brussels sprouts out of the pan and on to the family dinner plates with that little sliver of a thing, I don’t think so. Seriously, it ain’t much if it ain’t a true honest-to-Odin sturdy old Dutch cheese slicer. Possibly with a handle made out of real American plastic, I didn't check.

Actually, it is a kaasschaaf, to be precise.