the French have the biggest

According to a study that an institute for condom advice in Germany have conducted among 10 477 men in 25 European countries, the French men either have the biggest penises or they are collectively the biggest liars about this subject.

I know exactly what you are thinking of me. But this is in fact interesting, for more than one reason. Would there be some truth in the theory which was born a few years ago but at that time was found difficult to prove... French wine is good for the heart?

Because yes, unlike you may have believed for many years of your life, there is in fact an important link between the penis and the heart. The heart is a pump.

By the way, if the second part of the theory is true, and the French men are merely the biggest liars, it might be interesting to note the French baby-boom next year following the expedition and use of all the complimentary wrong-sized condoms that have been gifted as payment for the participation in this survey.


  1. :D
    Interesting to note the topic of the post. I am actually wordless on the topic but your sketches are hilarious.

  2. That's what makes it suspicious, I think they did.
    Then still, it is strange that the Greek and the Italian men would suddenly be so modest.

  3. Very funny post and design.
    *** No comment ***

  4. C'est surement pour ça qu'on a du mal à réfléchir ! :)

  5. Pietro: ha ha I heard you!

    Wetland: Çe ne serait aussi un peu a cause du vin?

  6. Je te trouve bien médisante thyme ! :)

  7. Tu as raison. Je rigolais. (d'ailleurs les hommes sont même moins façile à plaîre que les femmes... mais qu'est-çe que voulez qu'on ne dise alors! oÔ ...
    Mais ok, j'ai changé mon dessin en espèrant qu'il soit meux compris.

    (Je n'aime pas trop les couleurs dans mon image, je ne sais pas comme vous le faites vous-autres.)

  8. Hahaaaa, I wonder how they did the study.

  9. C'est vrai que j' aime le vin français!


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