the Plan

I ended up staying home and even spoiled the surprise because he was 14 minutes early and I forgot to hide. But he made the miniquiches, we had one each, and he enjoyed his so much that he now wants me to prepare some for him next Thursday, when I will not be here (and he can have both of the quiches!), and he will go to oma's place afterwards.


  1. glad to hear the superkid handled things ok. Must be scary watching him GROW UP !!! Bet he feels good about it. The car keys will be next.

  2. Hahaaa..:) Another good one.
    Yes we plan our direction in the life, but no any plan has been written successfully:)

  3. So, everything has gone well!
    About artificial snow, as far as I know the cannons are not used against global warming but just to let the skiing season begin when the snow has not yet arrived; sometimes they are also used to better the ski runs surface. I think these are the only purposes of snow cannons.
    Have a good evening!

  4. Hi Ray, you'd know best, your's is really growing up BIG!

    Nihal - you got it exactly :-) and I am bad at sticking to plans.

    Pietro, thank you.. not that well, because I got to stay home. But everybody ended up happy :-)

  5. I have 2 daughters; 12 and 8, if I try out something like this it will be total chaos. Your superkid is handling well. :)


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