new year, new bike

I have a new bike!!!

My old bike has gotten nearly impossible to ride because the gear chain keeps on slipping. The chain and gears are completely worn. I don't like the bike enough to replace the gears which will cost me about 100 Euro's.

That bike was bought on impulse, because I had cycled to the city and on returning from the store found that my bike was stolen and I simply needed a new bike to get back home. The other bike was an elegant looking city bike made in Belgium, and the first time it had almost been stolen was when I'd had it for a week. I left it locked but not chained outside the supermarket. When I turned my back a guy on a moped drove by, lifted it in one hand and started to drive off with it. I ran after him shouting, and a man whose path he crossed jumped in front and grabbed my bike out of his hands.

That time I was lucky, the second time not. I got a hybrid made in China. The hydraulic forefork started leaking after a month. I had to reverse the front wheel so that the steering bar was closer to the saddle, otherwise the bike was too long for me. But it never got stolen. I have used it regularly for three and a half years, even cleaned and oiled it a few times. Now I am done.

I think I found a bike that I like. Cross your fingers for me please, I am praying that this one will not get stolen. New year, new chances.


  1. Hi Thyme,
    Are you ready to say goodbye for 2008?

    It is unfortunately not ending better, look this humanity crime in Palestine. All the world watches silently:((( I'm terribly sad, and all kinda celebrations are cancelled both in Istanbul and the rest of the country! We are very quiet here...

    Well, I want to HOPE an even better and brighter 2009.

    My best wishes for a Happy New Year to you**

  2. Good luck with your new bicycle and also the best wishes for the new year.

    I'm more lucky. My last grannybike was stolen in 1988. I still ride the replacement. The other bike that I have is a hybrid for 350 euro second hand. I have it for 5 years/18Mm and does its job well.

    A few weeks ago I bought a small fender to keep my back dry. That works well.

  3. I'm glad you have found the bicycle which satisfies you!


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