I broke my kitchen. It was really the build-in-break-out refrigerator that started it. When I bought the refrigerator seven years ago, there was a complete kitchen and house around it. This weekend the refrigerator gave up the ghost with a puff of burning ozone.

If it's true what they say and before things get better they have to get worse.. this would be perfect timing for them to get better. It is an open kitchen, so my house is a mess like it has never been before. And that is saying something...

The good news is, that I had just finished all the butter. And the milk will keep if I put it outside. But I will need a replacement before Christmas. Before buying a new one, I wanted to see what the situation would be like when it was removed, would there still be a counter to fit it under, should I get another build-in type ... get the same size and click everything into place, ideally, if everything disassembled nicely... you guessed it: that was not the case.

On a positive note, after a while, with the fatigue, the pain, the sweat, the blood and the noise... the odour, which you are breathing in with your head practically in the decomposing old thing while you are gradually prying it loose, doesn't really bother you any more. After three hours of hard work and gradually feeding it bits of the rest of the kitchen to pacify it, the bloody wreck finally let go of its ancient habitat.

The counter is still there (and so is a bit of the house). Now I still can't decide what size fridge to get. Maybe I should just pack my rucksack and leave...

Listening to: In a Modern World - Jesse Malin


  1. I hope you find the fridge. This is always the way with stuff like that. The house has to be rebuilt after the replacement comes along. A bit like decorating a house around a single pillow. I hope the weather agrees with your milk for as long as necessary.

  2. To change a large domestic appliance is always a bit complicated business indeed.

  3. Well.......pack your things and go!!!!!!

  4. I've always wanted to travel to Texel... ^^


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