A typical mother - superkid conversation.

And now Solid Edge is giving me heart-ache. It is crashing every other time I hit escape. I am growing accustomed to hit "save" each time I would normally hit escape, because "save" also exits the command. But usually it takes a little longer. especially large files.

And sometimes it crashes when I hit "save"...


  1. Bon courage... Quand autodesk veut pas .. il veut pas ! :)

  2. Oh merci, mais cette fois c'est pas Autodesk... c'est l'autre!

    Au fond ils sont tous pareils les logiciels, c'est presque des humains.

  3. It's kind of surreal that save and escape mean the same thing!

  4. I can sense your frustration there. You are into some CAD 3D designing I guess. Tough job I am sure and I like it very much when you lighten the whole situation with such sketches. :)

  5. Sandy: observing! I hadn't thought of that. Hitting "save" instead of escape prevents me losing my work 80% of the time. In the mean time... I need to escape my work!

    Indrany, thank you. The sketch is what the Superkid looks like when he refuses something, his body language is very strong :-D

  6. En général les software sont plus logiques que les humains... ;)


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