Pilou, Pilou, Pilou hé

My cellar temperature today is ±9°C.

Why do I know? Because that is where I keep my fresh foodstuffs now that my fridge is gone. In theory it is a bit too warm to keep milk (should be between 4 to 7°C) but in practice it works. It can get a bit colder when there's a night frost. I hope the frost last untill the contractor has time to build my new kitchen. The contractor came by today.

A good thing: this year for Christmas I got a bag with goodies instead of a box, and the bag comes in very handy because it is about a meter high and I lower it into the cellar fridge through the hatch filled with cheese and milk and pull it up when I need something. It is good, because I am too lazy to go down the stairs. I am also too lazy to make a decent drawing.


  1. Ha Ha Ha... your 2nd sketch is just so hilarious.

    Mary Christmas & a Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

  2. You are creative! That's good thinking. I commend your survival skills and hope you don't have a heat wave that turns your milk!

    God bless.

  3. Oh how brilliant, lol:) Let me add my status after yours:
    I am too lazy to write a new post these days;)

  4. Good use of the bag and love the imagination it created. :)


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