what do you mean - am I serious?

What do you mean - am I seriously balancing on a bar stool on top of a bed in the guest room fixing a light bulb with an uninsulated screwdriver while not certain if the power switch is on or off? Of course I am! Why else do you think I have not been blogging yesterday?

Kidding... nothing went wrong and I only sort of checked if the bar stool would actually wobble as much as I thought it would, and it did. There is hardly any room to move the bed and the light is directly above it. What was I supposed to wobble on top of the bed, a ladder?

Oh and the light switch turned out to be "on". It always does that with me.

Hey come on, I even hung a curtain!

My house may not be a five star hotel, but I truly risk my life for my guests, that must count for something...


  1. What a wonderful images!!!
    I wish you a happy new year!!
    See you soon ^^


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