blue Monday

A new type of Windows virus that does not require any user action is spreading rapidly, turn on your firewalls.


  1. That virus has no change when you stop network services like 'Client for Microsoft-Network' and 'File and Printersharing'. It also helps to update Windowssoftware versions after Oct-2008 are OK.

  2. That's right...

    Mam, voor jou betekent het eigenlijk niets :-)

    Xiwel... true but it means there may be more dangerous ones in the make. Fortunately this one was only after inlog data for online games. I have a hunch my son got his fathers computer infected with it... :-D

    My work laptop runs on 64 bit XP and I haven't found a good firewall for 64 bit yet, so very vulnerable. Plus I hate Windows updates ever since they blocked Excel 2003 from opening Lotus files.. one day it did, the next Tuesday it didn't.
    I usually don't access the internet with that computer but when I'm at another office or travelling I have to.

    I have a friend who reads this blog and once told me he internets through a "sandbox". I wonder if that is an idea.

  3. Yikes! Sounds bad. I have no idea what you are talking about. Where can I get more information on this?

  4. Ca y est, ta salle de bain est en cours de travaux?

  5. Presque! J'ai commencé à payer l'entrepreneur aujourd'hui, j'espère qu'il va bientôt commencer les traveaux.

  6. And to think the computer viruses are little programs... aren't they?


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