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Yesterday we had a mist. Today it is like the mist froze and fell down on the earth.This is not snow. Everything is covered under a thin white layer of frozen ice crystals from water that condensed out of the air. I am not sure what the English term is, it could be flash frost.

The swans were a little tense about us approaching their territory. The male did a show. He need not have worried, I wasn't too keen on getting any closer either.

Schaatsen 017-1


  1. Very fine sequence, Thyme.
    Here the landscape is similar in these days.

  2. Yes, in English the word is frost. It's beautiful! Your photographs are lovely. I love the swans. The composition of these photographs is so impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those footprints are fun!Nice to do the detective work to the source of the prints. The photo of you is very nice. That is a very nice landscape. That frost is very thick.

  4. Beautiful footprints in the snow, I get to see them in sand some time. And those swans are gorgeous.

  5. @Pietro... but not as flat! Can you skate?

    @SMB - Is it "frost"? I thought frost was just the phenomenon of temperatures below freezing point... the English language is full of hidden subtleties!

    @ Sandy, yes the frost is very thick, it is almost like snow and the ice crystals grow quite big!

    @Indrani - thank you!

  6. Heyyy Thyme,
    it's been a bit long;) time not to catch my regular readings but I see it worked the best,lol:)
    Look, so wonderful photos both you and little heaven Holland made a super 'winter' decoration here:)
    How I admire you... you can never expect! Snowy, skating, pretty lolvey scarfs around your neck..
    Oh my... I hardly wait to call my agency for a KLM reservation:)


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