a most amazing place

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Manhattan is a most amazing place. It has a most amazing grace, which is accentuated by the snow and the skaters. I walked from the UN Plaza on 44th street and 1st Avenue to Cherry hill in Central Park. Halfway there my high heeled booties started to feel uncomfortable like I was walking on stilts, so I bought a pair of sneakers, authentic Vans. On my return in the hotel I had grown two big round pink swollen blisters on both my heels, from the sneakers. I couldn't even get into my elegant pumps any more for the party, they hurt so much. Fortunately the booties didn't look al that bad with a dress and I am never taking them off again. My booties, mine mine mine! But I didn't want to throw the Vans in the trash so I got on the return plane laden with shoes. The customs officers must have thought I have a shoe fetish, at least they did not threaten me with import regulations.


  1. Ce que j'aimerais y retourner :)

  2. That's an awesome photograph and I live there! Woohoo!

  3. Sorry about those blisters. I am glad you liked Manhattan, though!

  4. New York looks lovely in winter. I've only been once and it was in the Spring which was also beautiful but I would love to see it in the snow. Please tell us more about your trip.

  5. Wonderful image, I like it so much!

  6. Manhattan is one of THE places of New York. The pic is very beautiful, with all that snow.

    Sorry for those blisters, hope you are doing fine.

  7. Wish it were spring, summer or autumn for your better and wide angle exploration..
    Anyway I've got the same photos like yours:) How wonderful Big Apple, isn't it? As a complete, US is really amazing, and 'must' to discover in person:)

  8. Wetland: ces deux jours ne couteraient qu'environ mille Euros.. 50% moins q'une vacance ski..!

    Brownie: It was great to see you there!

    Sandy: I loved it. The blisters will pass...

    SMB: there's not that much more to tell. I was there and back so fast that a quart liter milk I had forgotten on the counter in my kitchen had not even turned. It was simply too quick.

    Pietro: me too, I was very lucky to be there.

    Cuckoo: I agree. I have been there twice now, but each time was really too short!

    Nihal, true, so true...

  9. I like your spirits! Enjoy the moment, the blisters will pass.
    Beautiful pic., hope to be there some day.


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