New York New York

(New York, 2004)

Company party. When I arrived it was sunny, smoggy and I hated it. The next day it rained up a storm. Fresh air, marvellous grey clouds, a trip around the island on a tour boat, and I loved it. I fell in love with Manhattan and its beautiful antique technocratic architecture.

Everybody crossed.

The photos are bad, I know. Maybe I am going to be able to take better ones this time, I'm invited to another company party! In New York, we'll be getting a guided tour of the UN building. if I see Ban Ki-moon, I'll have a talk with him about the Gaza business and all, I promise. I love New York :-)


  1. I hope you enjoy the UN building--a creature of its time, too!

  2. hey, i live close to the Chrysler Building.

  3. I love New York too. I've only been there once. I hope you'll be able to see a show while you are there. Have a great time and tell us all about it.

  4. Enjoy your trip!
    I'm looking forward to watching your New York pictures!

  5. Enjoy yourself!
    Hope you meet Ban Ki-moon!

  6. Haha, you have to see him!!!!!
    Have a great time.

  7. Well if I happen to miss Ban Ki-moon, I'm gonna check on Brownie to make up for it ^_^

  8. You either love it or hate but it does something to everyone, have a great time here!

  9. Brownie rules over Ban Ki Moon any day. Too bad the Real Code doesn't live in the Big Apple.

  10. Have a good time there.

    I've been some 7 months in the US, but didn't visit New York, Boston or any other city on the eastcoast.

    Do you have one of those newer fly- and floattrips? :-)

    I have the impression that the Israeli's ban that Ki-mono-guy.

  11. I just have a return ticket, nothing else. I'm not even sure I should be invited, I haven't done that much work for them lately, my relationship with the company relies heavily on family ties... I am the cousin of the wife of the President and he is very much a Family Man :-)

    (President of the company that is, not the other fellow).

  12. Enjoy to the fullest Thyme!
    New York, one of my faves to travel. Many incomparable things to discover as long as the weather allows you to, hope it does.
    And NYC is home of delish cheesecake! Do not forget to eat it, and remember me, who's dying to...
    Take care.


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