View from UN PLaza Hotel

View from UN PLaza Hotel, originally uploaded by thymeline.

This morning I called my cousin, and was told that her husband - my boss - fell and has "broken his back in three places" and that "their children (you know who you are) are all sick" but everything else is fine, she is looking forward to seeing me at the party in the UN headquarters tonight, he is in the shower, he will call me back later.


He is not in a wheelchair! (...)

After the initial shock and calling back an hour later I hear that he slipped on ice and three chips off one of his vertrebrae broke off. It sounds extremely scary and painful, and I sure hope he doesn't fall again, but fortunately not as bad as my first impression!

I must go out now and get myself a pair of pincers (the blow-up mirror in the bathroom tells me I have a beard) and while I am at the drugstore maybe I can get my boss a bandaid for his broken back.


  1. Wow! What a scare. Glad to know it's not as bad as it sounded. You are so funny though. Have a great time in New York!

  2. I hope there are no more injuries and that he will be OK.

    That is a wonderfully sharp photo. I hope you enjoy the party.

  3. Very fine picture!
    Enjoy your stay in New York!

  4. Thank you. He seemed ok, he even danced. I hope he was feeling as good as it looked :)

    Thanks all. I really like Manhattan every time I am ere, apart from the people being really rude and everything being very expensive, people are very considerate and generous. It is a crazy city. Not sure I'd want to live here, but I love it anyway.

  5. Leuk nu al foto's te zien. Ik hoop dat Pieter er niet zo erg aan toe is." Broken in three places"klinkt nogal alarmerend, en ik schrok me naar toen ik dat las.Heb een fijne tijd! Groeten en liefs aan de hele familie.

  6. I was stunned by the shot! It is beautiful! Would you feel like leaving the place?!


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