I screwed up...

Aaahrg... The superkid broke his PSP screen. Of course he didn't remember doing it... he went off in a long rambling list of moments it could NOT have happened... "it couldn't have happened in the school taxi... because it was still working in the school taxi... at least I think it was still working in the school taxi.." etc. etc. Very helpful. Instead he wanted me to think it was a virus.

I got all enthusiastic when I found a tutorial on how to replace broken PSP (slim) screens on the internet. I love taking stuff apart with the excuse that it is already broken so it doesn't really matter if I break it up some more. 1 out of 10 times I can fix something. This wasn't 1 of those times...

Getting the front cover off wasn't a problem, and I got past the button bar. The screen came out and there were the two cables connecting it to the motherboard. There was no stopping now, my curiosity drove me to continue.

After I very proudly pried loose the "very delicate clip" of the large cable connector and then priding myself on wriggling loose the tiny very delicate connector clip on the smaller left side cable (for connaisseurs: the one for the cable of the backlight)... I realized that I wasn't certain how I got that second one loose.. it sure had not taken "excessive force" like the tutorial warns you should avoid... but it hadn't been a very intelligent process either. After a close look at the cable I had pried off I could only come to the conclusion, that I have taken the clip and the entire connector off with it. As it happens, this clip lifts from the opposite side the other clips come off.

That's life. Just when you think you've sossed it, it turns around on you and lifts from the other side.

The fact that I have broken the clip is not the worst of it... but I feel a bit dumb that I already ordered and paid for a new screen.

This is the way I see it: I now have two choices 1. to cancel that order for a loose screen, or, 2. to order a new PSP slim to go with the screen and wait for it to get broken. Of course I opted for the second choice. (It is people like me who keep the economy on its feet in times like this.) The only thing I do not quite understand about myself is why I also bought a carry case to protect the new PSP... there seems to be some conflict of interests there.

In any case, I am now making an inventory of potential victims among the Superkids friends who are in the posession of a PSP slim, and have given him instructions to warn me when one of their screens breaks. I can't wait!


  1. I'm so envious. I have no desire to see how things work. I just want them to work when I turn them on.

  2. I would go with the second option, too. And applaud myself for holding up the ailing economy.

    Those protective cases really do bounce, by the way.

  3. A new PSP, a new screen, a carry case to protect the new PSP: I think it's a very good choice for a complete safety.

  4. :D
    I love your curious mind! I wouldn't have dared to dissect!

  5. You are doing good for the economy, haha, I have had such things many times. When the thing is broken you know how to do it.

  6. Thyme, here the snow has gone away, but it's still cold, and
    today I'm going to the mountains!


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