the code

The superkid doesn't want to wear jeans to the first golf lesson, because the dress code is "no jeans on the greens". I told him it's ok, we're not allowed on the greens yet, we don't have to follow the dress code. But he will not be convinced. He is wearing his blue sunday trousers. I will tell the school, if they had a dress code that said "no open fly", "no untied shoelaces", "no wearing your shirt inside out and upside down" that might save them and me a lot of trouble.


  1. You need to get him some of those great golf pants. I just love those crazy colorful golfers. PS. At least he's respectful of rules. Gotta love that.

  2. Surprising but true. I guess that life in general just doesn't have enough rules to keep him in line. And: He was the ONLY ONE who stuck to the dress code, everybody else was wearing jeans.. lol

  3. A kid who WANTS to follow the rules?? One in a million.


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