... is overcoming your fears.

After catching the spider he remarked that it was high time 'someone' cleaned under his bed, because there were a lot of things and fluff there (Now you wonder what I have been doing all the time I have not been writing my blog, if I haven't been cleaning the superkids room ...) so I invited him to be that 'someone', and lo and behold, after I helped him carry the vacuum cleaner up to his room he vacuumed it all by himself. That is a first, in almost 17 years.

He also learned to tie his shoelaces this week. He found his own way to do it; make a loop of both ends of the lace, then tie them in a knot. It looks exactly like the real thing and it also functions.


  1. Ewwwwww! Did you tell him he could keep the glass?

  2. So funny!
    I think the courage is directly proportional to the size of the spider!

  3. It was a harvestman. He thinks thay are huge, even though they are so thin you can see right through them.

  4. Oh my, he is brave and a good house helper too!
    I like your little drawings.

  5. Can he give me some courage lessons, lol:) Not my liking these insects -even seeing when climbing on the walls:(

  6. Good for him. May the vacuum be a trusty companion.


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