letting go

My pocket camera died last week. I am the kind of person who sticks with the same brand. So this was the second Olympus I had. Second I bought withing a year. No kidding. And the last one. Olympus, not for me. The first one choked to death over a grain of sand. The second one I bought because I am that person, and it was practical to have a spare battery and charger. The third one is a Panasonic, because they are unbreakable and I already have a DZ30 and although it is too big to carry around with me everywhere, I love it to death.

Enough with the commercials. I put my two superflu spare batteries on a second hand site. I sold one the first day, and today someone rang to make an appointment to come and pick up the second one tomorrow, when they would pass near here on their way back home from their holidays in France. That is a story in itself... the fact that they are returning from their vacation means that they do not have children or very small children, because people with children in school have only left a week ago. And apparently they have an Olympus camera but they found out that the battery ran out too soon for their liking. Impulse-buying of batteries after the vacation is over...

Anyway.. I found out that selling things is addictive. It isn't as much the money, it is setting the goal, aiming a little bit higher, and then achieving it, whilst a the same time making sure to leave the other party satisfied. That part is important. I also like the fact that it allows me to let go of my old rubbish and hand it over to someone who cares.

In this past weeks I have sold, apart from the batteries; two bicycles, a wireless keyboard and eleven dvd's, for a total of 166 Euros. The dvd's I offer to exchange for other ones, but people like to just give a few Euro's. That's ok with me. It frees up closet space, I have a small house. I have also given a broken laptop and a non-broken kids bicycle for free. And that bicycle is the reason for this blog.

I'm not ever going to give away something that works again. I will explain. The next day I found it up for sale, on the same site I had offered it. That isnt the thing that really bothers me. I offered it without trainer wheels, and that guy had the trainer wheels, now he has the complete thing. It's ok for him to ask money for it. So what if you lied and said that you wanted it to teach your three year old to ride a bicycle. Everybody lies. But then, dude... bloody *beep* ... take the offer... !!!!

Someone offered 15 euros for it right away, and he's not taking it. What the *beep* is the *beep* waiting for? I bought that bicycle ten years ago for 25 Euros. He got it for free. Someone offers 15 Euros, and he is holding. What does he want? I can't stand it! I want to tell the other guy to teach him a lesson and withdraw his offer, but I have no way to reach him.

I am sooo never going to give anything for free again!

So much for letting go...


  1. I always liked Olympus camera's but like you I always tend to stick to the same brands. I got hold of a cheap Fuji Finepix camera a few years ago and it has never let me down. So I suspect that if I ever need to upgrade I'll get another of the same brand.

    Horrible about the bike thing, I don't like dishonest people. There is a freecycle site for our area that people use to 'sell' their free unwanted items and I've been after a bicycle for ages but they are like gold dust because unscrupulous *beeps* get them before me and I see them on eBay within a day or two! Grrr!

  2. The Olympus cameras are appreciated here in Italy as well. I also am a person who sticks with the same brand. I began with a Canon and now I have three: they work so well!

  3. I like the Leica lens on the Panasonic. I started with a Konica Revio 400Z but Konica went out of business. I don't know why, because that camera makes pretty nice pictures, I liked it better than the Olympus Fe-340 but don't have it any more. I had given it away to a friend, before I found out that I should have given him the Olympus and kept the Konica to myself! He succeeded in getting the lens pecked off by an ostrich, but he put it back on and it still works. Now I bought a second hand Konica Minolta Dimage 600G on this same site, it looks quite like it and uses the same batteries.
    I have heard good things about Canon and I hesitated between the Canon Powershot D10 and the Panasonic Lumix F1 but the D10 looks like a submarine, and I was afraid the round shape would be unpractical.

  4. Oh, you are so much similar to me !!
    I initially had 2 Olympus for the same reason as yours and now I own a Panasonic Lumix. :-)

  5. That's funny!

    A man just came by to buy the second battery. He just returned from a vacation in France where he lost his charger and battery, forgot to pack them at some camping. So while i had the charger and battery without a camera, he had the camera w/o the battery ...

  6. Cameras! I was a Minolta fan and then I had to change gears because the didn't do digital. Now I swear by Canon. I swear by it. I am on my second because I wanted to upgrade. The first stays in my bag for those gotta haves when I just don't have my camera with me. It's a gem. Dad has a Panasonic and he loves it, too. Good clear shots. Good luck.

  7. Yes, Canon. I made some comparisons among photos taken by a Canon camera and cameras of other brands: same time, same scene, same subject, same exposure, same zoom angle. Canon gave the best results (in my opinion, of course).

  8. I know.. Canon could well be the best, but because Canon have that name they are expensive... I think the Name alone accounts for 100-150 Euro's in the price of a Canon vs a Panasonic!

  9. Dat was aardig doordacht, ik geef ook niks meer weg als ik niet zeker weet dat het goed terecht komt.


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