the waterproof one please, u don't need to wrap it

.. and I dropped my tablet, I'm not sure it will ever be the same...

I NEED that camera!

The storyboard: it didn't look particularly cloudy, and it was warm, so I went out in a dress and didn't even take a raincoat. When I had arrived at the store (15 kms) it had started to look like rain. My shopping almost done - standing at the checkout (I know it doesn't look like a checkout, I told you I dropped the tablet didn't I - caught a glimpse of what looked like night outside. It had started raining, but it was still warm. When I was halfway the 15 kms on the return way, and just after grinning back at some people hiding from the rain under a bridge, already getting soaked but still warm, I got hit by an avalaunche of water... for a few moments.. minutes.. I doubted myself and thought the dykes might have broken. I had trouble keeping my balance while slowly moving on to where I knew was the next dry bridge to hide under - or on... depending... and wondered if I would know my way home swimming if things got that bad...

When I got home, through halfway-shin-deep puddles, the sun had broken out again and I discovered that my pocket camera which I had been tempted to take out of my bag to witness the violence, but hadn't dared to expose to the wetness, had just drowned inside the bag.


  1. It looks very good to me.
    4.6x lens, equivalent to 28-128 mm
    Mega O.I.S. stabilizer
    Face detection
    Face Recognition

    Good choise.

    BTW does it use SD or Xd card?
    Hope you have more fun with it


  2. I think SD, but now I have a 2GB xD card from my old camera that I can't use for anything else...

    Hey we can take the camera out surfing!

  3. The buckets of water that came down the day before yesterday were absolutely horrible. The water ruined more than I had expected under my roof. I show some photos for Sky Watch today.

  4. Yes you need that one for sure, hahaha.


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