negative mood!

I am in a negative mood, I am in no mood to blog and I have nothing to say.

Seriously funny music film: "The Boat that Rocked".

It is about a bunch of Pirates in the North Sea in 1966, if you were alive around that time, you will surely love it. The boat sank in 1967 - but the spirit lives on.

I found it the dvd in the supermarket for 19.99 Euro's. I bought it... but then it turned out to be a little bit scratched, and it stutters in bits which is irritating. So I grabbed a perfect pirated copy through Limewire.


  1. Wat?????
    Je hebt een illegale download?
    Maar je hebt wel een originele DVD dus dan is het misschien niet illegaal om te downloaden, gecompliceerd allemaal.

    Niet je ass maar je tass, lol

  2. Hey cheer up! I like your fun sketches. so the pirated copy was of good quality?

  3. Hi Indrani, yes Excellent quality :)

    Dick, het is überhaupt niet illegaal om te downloaden, wist je dat niet? Alleen uploaden is strafbaar. Dus nu mijn download op mijn hd staat en beschikbaar is voor peers die hem zoeken via Limewire ben ik strafbaar ja... zelfs al trekken ze per dag maar een minuutje film van mijn HD. Geloof ik. Volgens BREIN ongetwijfeld wel. Maar eerlijk gezegd vind ik dat een stelletje zeurpieten.

  4. I think that dvd is a bit expensive: here, in the supermarkets we can find many famous movies in DVD (brand-new DVD) at 9.90 euros.
    Funny images :-)

  5. Pietro: you're right. I could have had it for 9.99 with Airmiles but I didn't have enough. But I was lucky, it was a good choice and I don't regret it :-)

  6. I felt the same way on the same day. I think the moon was giving me a mood ache. I like your photos and captions. Enjoy that pirated movie.

  7. nice head -- & I know about those shadow ass shots -- they are NOT real


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