Solid Edge bug

So, I was just wondering, who else has had this happen to them:

Say you are peacefully working in a Solid Edge assembly and suddenly the smallest of error message windows appears bearing the text: "Cannot access document". Whereupon you notice that the floppy disk on the left of the menu bar has greyed out. Promptly all the blood drains from your face. You open an explorer browser and check the folder where you are currently working from, and yes, your assembly, the one you are working on and are looking at on your screen, the fruit of many hours of labour, is no longer there. You try a "Saveas", with no result. It is gone, as if your work were nothing but a dream, a figment of your imagination.

So who?

Yeah. Thought so.

(Speak up you lonely wanderer from the future who lands upon this page many many days, months, years from now thinking this post is long forgotten and best not commented on, speak up and share your frustration) (PLEAAAASSSE!)

My coworkers know what I'm talking about but no-one here has the answer
(other than Solid Edge is a bloody thief and a dirty old liar, thats what.)



  1. I have no answers but wanted to say hello. I just hate it techy problems. Makes me want to throw something, hit something, you know...

  2. No, not me....sounds really frustrating though! I just wanted to say hi too. I see that you have disappeared from Twitter. Besides your solid edge thing, I hope everything's good with you and the Superkid.

  3. A good thing perhaps would be to save the file in the hard disk step by step during the work.

  4. Ik heb het wel eens gehad maar er stond bij mij niet veel belangrijks op dus ik kreeg het er niet benauwd van zoals jij!!!!!!
    Ik hoop dat het nog goed komt.

  5. For almost one year, mine has been a good boy that I've not met any tech problems, we really flirt each other so good;)

  6. What you have gone through! It's madness.


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