Air plane wings have changed

Air plane wings have upturned tips.

And New York State looks cold and wet and ... quite beautiful, from the sky. And also beautiful is Great Britain at night, it looks like an elaborately woven fabric of dark tissue and patterns of gems. But of that I did not take any pictures at all. in fact after the few I took while on the fligh out to New York I completely forgot about my camera and didn't take it out again untill I returned home! But even though this was only a work trip it was really fun.

C&D waste sorters. No they do not employ kids. That - exaggerated perspective - is how you can see that my drawings are not good enough and I should practise more and I am not going to show you the others, they are even worse.


  1. Hé Thyme

    Leuk weer wat van je te zien, mooi hè zo uit het vliegtuigraam, je raakt er niet op uitgekeken, ik tenminste niet maar naarmate je meer vliegt zal het ook wel weer gewoner worden.

  2. Hi, Hope you are doing fine!
    Looking forward to see more of your sketches. :)

  3. I had to stop by and say hello. It's been ages! How are you??

  4. Beautiful post. Lovely sketches.


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