having fun with my finger

I did this on my ipod. It rocks! OK to say that this sketch rocks is probably stretching it a bit, but in view of my recent hand sketches, I'd say the app is pretty good...!


  1. I have a free sketch app on my phone, it works pretty well. Have you seen the drawings that David Hockney did using the same thing? Brilliant.

  2. Hey Gwyn! No I hadn't, must see!
    Hey I tried to comment on your Vox post but vox doesn't like me any more.. after some trouble I succeeded in signing in but then I couldn't post or send a pm. I tried in FF and in IE, no luck! Sorry !!! I tried!

  3. Oh dear, that's not good. Wonder why that is.

    Unfortunately due to the amount of trolls I have to keep my blog closed to unsubscribed commentators and there's no way around it. :(

  4. At the risk of sounding all perverted, when I saw the title "Having fun with my finger" I thought of something else entirely. :(
    That said, this is a fun drawing. :)


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