terrorism is everywhere

The recent qualification of World Cup enthusiasm as "Orange Terrorism" has led me to realize.. there are so many forms of terrorism that we have learned to accept and live with every day that we don't even realize they are what they are... terrorism.

Safety belt terrorism. Insurance terrorism. Close-your-car-windows-when-you-park-your-car-at-the-local-supermarket-for-15-minutes-on-a-hot-day Terrorism. Seriously. I returned to my car today after visiting the supermarket, and the man just getting in or out the car parked next to mine reproached me for having left my window open. I replied that I thought it unnecessary to close it, because the neighbourhood was so safe. After a short silence, he agreed.

Watching the game NED-KAM while listening to an episode of a British television detective series. This is really quite interesting and can be recommended above doing it the other way around.


  1. It is a shame people don't feel safe enough to leave their cars unlocked.
    I do all the time on the basis its not worth stealing anyway.
    But I'd love to return to the era of being able to leave my front door open and not worry if someone would rob me. Perhaps it is safe now as nobody expects my door to be open.

  2. Heh, I should have asked him if he'd checked the door... lol

    I strategically parked my car in a spot so small that my neighbour is bound to dent it when he tries to leave with his truck tomorrow, so soon it will look like there can absolutely be nothing of value inside and it should be safe to leave unlocked anywhere. Wow, precious freedom!

  3. I agree it's a lot better to loosen up live a little and take a chance--and live the windows open. So many neurotic little things we do that box us in. Ridiculous.

    Sounds like a neat multi-media experience!


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