Windows on a stick

This weekend, finally, I installed a portable Windows 10 version on a 128GB usb stick and after it got settled in it is quite fast enough now… Autocad runs on it and I don't even notice that I am running it from the stick and not the internal HD. I can now take my computer everywhere! As long as there is a machine to plug it in to. Handy in case of travel overseas and new airline regulations.. in case Trump decides Europeans also can't be trusted and won't be allowed to take laptops in carry on luggage anymore ;)

Download the official Windows Media creator and create an iso file.
Install the iso on the USB stick with WinToUSB.

Power down and restart from the USB... let Windows get sorted... this part takes patience... then install your favourite indispensable software (more patience) don't give up at this point it WILL be super super slow... but when everything is set and there won't be as many read/write operations to the USB, it will be surprisingly and unbelievably smooth.

To slim down windows more you can remove windows bloatware: code here, and turn the hibernation file off (Powershell: "powercfg /h off") If using a smaller USB drive you might also want to compactOS (In powershell type "Compact.exe /CompactOS:query" to check if compacted) but I ended up not doing that because the 128GB stick is big enough, and I don't want to impact performance. 

To hide partitions in Explorer open cmd as administrator and type:
C:\Windows\system32>mountvol X:\ /D
Where X is the drive letter to hide.