This package I received from Dick - Eye on Texel today. I won his giveaway last week. thank you Dick :) I think you were a little bit disappointed by having to yield this prize to another Dutchman, but honestly, all these things except the clogs are as foreign to me as if they were from another country. Besides, Texel where you live isn't even attached to the Netherlands. If it weren't for the fact that you speak Dutch like me, Texel would be right out there with other foreign islands like Great Britain, Denmark and Hawai. The sheep-milk soap smells very lovely and exotic and foreign, and I am very much looking forward to tasting the "Juttertje" kruidenbitter. Apart from the fact that I have never tasted the kruidenbitter, it is so cool because of the name... we don't have "jutters" here in the south. Garbage men, maybe, but although I am highly fond of my garbage men and life would not be the same without them, a garbage collector on the beach of Scheveningen is worlds apart from a Texel beach jutter. Your gift could not have found a more grateful and more foreign recipient.

This was the first giveaway I ever entered, and coincidentally the first one that I won! So naturally given my 100% positive experiences with the phenomenon I am now vividly pro-giveaways, and I have decided to do one too.

If you think the clogs look vaguely familiar, you are correct. Given the fact that this is the soggiest, wettest and lowest-below-sea-levelest part of the Netherlands and possibly of all of Europe excluding some parts of the South French Camargue where all the pink bipeds you see are flamingos, clogs are a very useful piece of footwear. I regularly meet old people who wear them, sometimes not so old people, and kids too. With the consent of the original giver, who intended them to end up with someone not Dutch, I have decided to pass them on. But slightly personalized.

You will notice the change in theme; from sheep to windmills. Most of the many old windmills that remain in this part of the country were used to keep the land dry. They do not fulfill that function any more, these windmills here are now mere monuments and pumps have taken over.

This giveaway consists of:

One small bag of Old Dutch sweet liquorice,
One leather bound notebook with a drawing of a windmill by the classic Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn
One tin of Gouda stroopwafels (to make good for the liquorice), decorated with Delfts blue paintings of windmills
A bunch of coloured candy tulips
And a personalized set of miniature clogs.

I will appply the same rules as were applied in the Eye on Texel giveaway, if you want in, comment and I will assign you a number in the order of the comments. Only one number per commentor. Sunday May 10 at 8PM Dutch time I will let this random number generator pick a winner. Provided there is more than one entrant, otherwise I can do it myself.


  1. Wow, what a great idea, I might have to pinch it and have a go myself. Well, after I find a job that is, I don't think I could afford the postage at the

  2. Ooh, I want! If I win, will you really send it all the way over here? My favorite part is the personalized clogs... you know I like your drawings! Just googled stroopwafel too. Looks yummy.

  3. @frogntoad yes of course I will, thank you for honouring me and my modest drawings :)

    @KOA you are not obliged to do a giveaway yourself when you win! I am only doing this because the clogs were meant to leave Holland, and I consider it my duty that they will!

  4. I know I'm not obliged to do so, I just think it's a great idea, if I win or not. I have a few ideas for the things I'd like to send out.

  5. Yes, well, a few jugs of your famous locally brewed Welsh beer WOULD cost a very high price in postage.

  6. It looks great, the clogs are really personalized. Good luck to all.

  7. Congrats on winning the give away!

  8. Well yes please count me in.

  9. Congratulations. The giveaway is well within means.

  10. @Sandy : He put an extra soap bar in, I got more than I bargained for :)

    @Hyde I will, welcome

    @Indrani: thank you!

  11. @ Dick thanks, I was a bit scared I would spoil them...

  12. Congrats, thyme! You are a WINNER!

  13. Thanks SMB :)

    The list of potential next time winners so far is:

    1. KingOfAnkh
    2. frogntoad
    x. Dick (disqualified but will be compensated - I am going to send you the book I am currently reading, as soon as i finish it)
    3. Indrani
    4. Hyde DP
    5. SandyCarlson
    6. Smart Mouth Broad

    Five more hours till countdown...

  14. Oh no, how I missed dear Thyme:( Been busy with some stuff, and well lets hope the next time:)

  15. I am sorry you missed it too, Nihal, but yes there will surely be a next time!

  16. hey, my friend bought me some new clogs (smaller than the ones you gave me) from Belgium :-)

  17. Ahhh.. so THAT is why you didn't want to join in the giveaway... you were already fully clogged and avoiding total clog-saturation.

    Next time I will just do the stroopwafels, don't forget to pass by :)


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