Thursday, June 25, 2009

of tea and tires, an urban adventure

Today I had a meeting at the superkids school. At the end the teacher offered to make me a cup of tea but we got kicked out by the cleaners. We cycled the same way for a bit and arrived at a crossing where each of us thought the other had to go right, so we stopped and talked for a bit before continuing on. That is when we discovered we were going the same way for a bit longer after all and had been standing talking in the crossroads for no reason. That was also when I suddenly discovered I had a flat tire.

I sort of expected him to say "oh bummer for you, will you be allright" and ride off towards the horizon. Instead he offered me a ride on the back seat and trailed my bike with one hand, because his house was not very far away.

Deep in the urban jungle, I dismantled my bicycle tire and found it had a huge tear. The nice man gave me a new tire and his wife made me a second and a third cup of tea.

Monday, June 1, 2009


... is overcoming your fears.

After catching the spider he remarked that it was high time 'someone' cleaned under his bed, because there were a lot of things and fluff there (Now you wonder what I have been doing all the time I have not been writing my blog, if I haven't been cleaning the superkids room ...) so I invited him to be that 'someone', and lo and behold, after I helped him carry the vacuum cleaner up to his room he vacuumed it all by himself. That is a first, in almost 17 years.

He also learned to tie his shoelaces this week. He found his own way to do it; make a loop of both ends of the lace, then tie them in a knot. It looks exactly like the real thing and it also functions.