of tea and tires, an urban adventure

Today I had a meeting at the superkids school. At the end the teacher offered to make me a cup of tea but we got kicked out by the cleaners. We cycled the same way for a bit and arrived at a crossing where each of us thought the other had to go right, so we stopped and talked for a bit before continuing on. That is when we discovered we were going the same way for a bit longer after all and had been standing talking in the crossroads for no reason. That was also when I suddenly discovered I had a flat tire.

I sort of expected him to say "oh bummer for you, will you be allright" and ride off towards the horizon. Instead he offered me a ride on the back seat and trailed my bike with one hand, because his house was not very far away.

Deep in the urban jungle, I dismantled my bicycle tire and found it had a huge tear. The nice man gave me a new tire and his wife made me a second and a third cup of tea.


  1. When we meet these nice people (seldom!) we are reconciled with mankind, aren't we? :-)

  2. Nice people! I want people like this to teach my daughter!


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