my island...

Sorry for my absence!

I've been busy on my island this week! Working 12 hours a day or more... that is because I don't have a job, you know. The boss of the other place where I lost my job called me to say that he had found me a little thing for about 10 days, somewhere associated with their company, but I told him sorry, if it had been for you I would immediately have come back of course, but right now I'm a bit busy. He didn't believe me, so then I lied and said I'd be busy house painting and putting the finishing touch to my kitchen, and that... he believed.

I am doing this for the Americans I am not officially working for, from the New York New Year party (they still haven't sent me the pictures!).

This is the version they really want, but I like to be fooling around a little...


  1. Very beautiful! very complicated too. What are the grey heaps for?

  2. Welcome back. We missed you.

    And yeah, keep your self busy that's all. I don't believe you work on this !

  3. I missed you. You are a lot of fun. I love these imaginative images.

  4. Welcome back! These pictures remind me of the electric trains circuits.
    About your question on my site: the photo and the blog background are similar, but it is a mere chance. :-)

  5. We don't excuse you Thyme, because it's been forever;)
    Happy to have you again, and see back on your blogging routine w/ new stories to share w/ us.
    Is it indeed that a project you follow? Great! Pls share w/ me (Oopps with us:) details step by step until it is completed.


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