B&W squares

I was playing chess online with a young Englishman (which I could see from his white and red Anglian flag and the text in his profile). He played a bit agressively and I had to defend vigilantly but he lost many pieces so I beat him in the end. He asked me for another game which I politely declined, but made a typo in the reply.

He then wrote: "u are french, i can see that...... how old are... i always that older = wiser..... but experience has told me that young can= good chess play........"

Apparently my typos give native speakers reason to address me in pidgin English.

British people have a problem recognizing the Dutch flag from the French.

I am old. Very very old.


  1. That's funny!Sometimes people are going to speak slowly and articulate every word in an annoying way. Like:'A-r-e y-o-u e-n-jo-y-i-n-g y-o-u-r h-o-l-i-d-a-y ?

  2. Yes, quite the opposite from the average Frenchman though, who will become a little bit irritated and begin to speak faster instead!


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