5 Beaufort

The crystal belongs to Alex. I have seen it often at his house but I forgot if he ever told me where he got it. It has an amazing copper-green crust, and it is bigger than my two hands cupped together, and heavy. The purple looks better for real than through my phone camera but he really should dust it sometimes. I wonder what it actually consists of. I think it is Amethyst.

There's a stiff wind. It is a very stiff wind. I just got back from the city and I had to go against it all the way. I really felt sorry for myself, because it is not just strong, it is also coming from the east and it feels cold. The only thing that kept me going (apart from the fact that I had to get home) was that I was determined to look up the exact wind speed when I got home and pin it on my blog like a trophy butterfly. Except I never killed it or actually pinned it down, it is still going strong out there.

See the arrow and the 5 next to Rotterdam? I was going almost straight the other way, the whole 15 km. There's stars out, it promises to be a cold night.