green raven kid BN

The green raven kid BN (previously known as the superkid) (It is an anagram of his name) (um yes I know what you are thinking, but BN is an abbreviation for "well known dutch person" - like VIP) so .. where was this going.. oh yes... green raven kid BN had a series of IQ tests done, because he had to be reassessed for this school. The score came back ... 58. Not mind shattering, almost the exact same as three years ago. His verbal IQ is 77, his performance skills are 38. It is difficult to translate all the legal terms but in short there is a large "internal discrepancy" in the cognitive profile which could lead to overestimating. A few years ago this freaked me out. Now I know it is a fact, I can't deny it, and it is for the best that he is in a protected environment where he can be himself and where he will not be abused of or neglected.

On the positive side he has got very high self-esteem and is very outgoing in social situations. On the negative side, he hasn't got a clue how he ought to behave socially and he doesn't know how to entertain relationships. That could be something genetic. I think I am better at maintaining a relationship with my tax office, after my last letter they actually sent me a notice that I will probably get some money back over 2006. In other words not to worry about the incredibly monstrous amount they are taxing me for 2007 and 2008. It is their way of saying they recognize there is a very high probability that there has been a mistake. I understand that, it is allmost straightforward. But my relationship with them exists mainly because they force me to keep in regular contact, whereas real friends tend to have the more subtle approach, which is much easier to pass by.

Just now the green raven kid BN asked me if I had read his report card. I knew he could not be talking about the same thing, and my little memory gnome tugged at the corner of my mind to tell me that I had in fact removed it from his bag this morning together with clean swimgear that his dad put in yesterday but that he did not need to take to school today because - in his words - the swimmingpool is broken.

The report card was on the table. I leafed through it. All his markes are "good" and "sufficient" and he even had one "exellent". He was positively glowing with my admiration. but he told me that possibly he just had a much nicer teacher than last year. He has got an analytic mind, that boy.