free smurfs today

One of our bigger supermarket chains regularly has silly promo-pranks to attract attention and clients. This time it is free smurfs. With every 15 Euro spent, you get a free smurf. I got two, the first time I went. Guess what.. Gargamel's cat. But when I unwrapped the second one.. I could so relate to the look on his face. Boy, are they a pair. I just couldn't help but sympathize with the little buddy.

To top everything, the green raven kid announced that he has got spring holidays this coming week. Just now when my clients are sending in requests like a swarm of mosquitos. His dad was here yesterday and beforehand I had been looking forward to that, I had bought cookies and nice things. But it wasn't any fun with the work looming in the background. I kicked them out of the house.

I did get a third smurf when I was doing the shopping for the cookies. It was a very grumpy little one carrying two buckets of water. I gave it to the raven kid. It may remind him of me while he is gone.


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