My DVD player broke. It kept on swallowing my DVD and then pretended that there was "no disk" and refused to open up and let me see it. I can't stand dishonesty in my household equipment. I attacked it with a knife and I'm afraid that terminally damaged our relations. It has to go.

I'm cheap. I don't like to buy new things. But I don't like to do without stuff either. What I do like, is to combine different functions into the same piece of equipment. The superkid, effortlessly playing my mean streak, talked me into buying him a PS2 that cost three times as much as a DVD player would cost me, but which combines that function with another - be it completely useless - one: that of the game computer. I fell for the trick and ordered it last Friday.

The internet store quickly sent it before I'd have a chanche to change my mind and it arrived today.

I see two definite plusses to this purchase, over a regular DVD player. For one, it is much smaller. I love that. And second, we're never going to be searching for the remote anymore. This one is on a wire.

PS this afternoon I got a call from another online shop I buy from sometimes, and guess what: they offered me a gift DVD player if I placed an order with them now.
I smell a conspiracy!


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