file away!

My day started off bad with timber troubles and I had to call a carpenter to fix it because all the result I got when I tried were a blood blister on my middle finger and a split piece of timber. Later when I started up my computer to do some work, every damn program I tried to start gave me an error message, starting with the driver for the graphics card. Autocad reported that there was something wrong with the installation and would have to be reinstalled. Panic! The newest version needs four disks. The previous installation lasted all through the night. That time I went to bed at three and had to get up and get to work at six and it was still going. I got up, shoved a new installation cd in the cd drive, a piece of bread in my own mouth, closed the lid of the laptop without turning it off, put it in the bag still rattling and drove to work. On arrival there, after a one hour drive, the installation was finally complete.

I tried to repair the install without resorting to a new installation but it wouldn't go. Then I tried to reinstall. That didn't work either. Then I panicked.

Searching the internet for the exact error message that appeared I found that it had something to do with a messed up installation of Microsoft Framework dot Net. That must have happened with yesterdays Automatic updates. I'm really starting to get fed up with microsoft automatic updates! This reminds me of Excel 2003.. after a Microsoft update it suddenly would not open Lotus spreadsheets anymore. Now if I want to open a Lotus file I first need to go to Control Panel -> software and deinstall the latest security update for Microsoft Excel. Every time, because the damn stubborn idiot thing keeps reinstalling the stoopid update after I've turned my back. I've tried to switch that off, so now it doesn't give me the option any more, it just goes ahead without asking. Obviously I can't be trusted with making important decisions. Heh.

Long story short (believe me, you don't want to know how long exactly) I tried to remove the Framework dot Net versions but initially couldn't, then searched around, read other peoples reports of the same problem, followed other other peoples advice for solutions, and finally succeeded in cleaning up and reinstalling the offensive programs, and then reinstalling Autocad. That took the whole day, from 10AM to 8PM.

In between I had time to clean the superkids room and chase away some spiders nesting in the dust. I found out that contrary to what I have always thought, Rinke (the superkid) is really a very organized person. He even has a filing cabinet with labelled boxes. Which is lucky for him. Because I was armed with a very big garbage bag and a very bad mood. This label was the only thing standing between his precious belongings and the incinerator.

Label: "Spy fyle box - Rinke".
("spionnen docee doos" -> docee = "dossier")