teeth in front of the tongue...

Yeah, I'm bad, I know it. Posting photo's of my kid on the interweb without his express permission. But he's got it coming. This was the face he pulled the afternoon in response to the orthodontist asking him to open his mouth.

He needs new braces, the first one isn't doing anything any more. What am I saying... the first one he lost at school. The first spare he lost in the laundry, it popped up again after we got the second and last spare from the dentist. By that time it didn't fit any more, proof that the braces he was wearing were working, changing the shape of his mouth. He then was very careful about not losing the last spare because he was not going to bite in the putty stuff to make a new cast, no way, they had tricked him into doing that once but he wasn't having THAT happen to him again.

He says he can't breathe and the stuff tastes foul. To be exact, it tastes of NOTHING! The unimaginable horror! Not having any. This is the face. We have tried everything short of using a crowbar. (By the way that stuff in the corners of his mouth is not apple sauce, it is his brand new moustache.)

Two of his front teeth are completely lost right in the middle of his palate. He's got a double row of teeth, like a shark.

He won't bite for the dentist. So it was decided today that he's going to have them pulled. Knowing that having his nails cut is excruciating torture for him, that he can't stand to have his hair cut and that he lives in constant fear of allowing me to even point at his pimples for the danger that I may squeeze one... the thought of dealing with having his teeth pulled scares me a bit. Teeth in front of the tongue are not always good advice. I am really not sure how to prepare him for the consequences of his "decision".

I'll get him ice cream. To eat the day week after. Frozen pizza and gazpacho...

Some tortures are physical
And some are mental,
But the one that is both
Is dental.
~Ogden Nash