Defence of the tree sitters

On this blog I read about the fact that a bunch of Californian (ex-) students have spent the last 9 months living in trees on the terrain of the University of California in order to prevent the university cutting down 44 old oak and redwood trees to build a sports facility.

In most news articles they are depicted as a degenerate group of half monkeys who enjoyed regularly spraying excrements on passers by. I don't think that is doing them justice. I think it is pretty goddamn brave what these young people have been doing and it takes stamina.

In a country where the Republican senator McCain lost the 2000 nomination for presidential candidate because Bush's people tactically spread the rumor right before the elections that McCains adopted daughter was his illegal child born from a mistress, I am not going to believe every word that I read in the media.

Here's to the tree sitters!

A lot of naked bodies, but no pee...
I wonder if this was all they could find. Maybe this explains...
More "Berkeley Campus human waste".
This can't be it, that is not so bad at all.

More dumpster diving, there is a
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


  1. I didn't know you still blog here. I stopped blogging at vox and efx2 This blog keeps me very busy with ABC Wednesday, Friday Sky Watch And Sunday Camera Critters.It's very nice to get so many visitors to your blog.
    BTW Brave poeple these tree climbers I hope they get what they want.

  2. Remember Karien and I were at Woensdrecht? We stayed for about a week, and it was summer. Other people were there the year round, just like these tree-people.


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