Nelson Mandela was on the US terrorist list

There is hope!

This week news got out about a secret treaty between the US and Europe which would enable the uS to access private information of European citizens and vice versa. Europe would be able to act upon crimial behaviour committed by US citizens, but what outraged many Europeans, is that the US, once this lopsided treaty will be signed - which is not yet the case - would moreover have the right to undertake legal action against European citizens for non-criminal activities.

European citizens flagged as terrorists would have no access to their own secret security service files and there is much fear that individuals wrongfully labelled as terrorists would never be able to clear their name.

But as the case of Nelson Mandela shows - there is still hope. The US government is not as bad as it seems. All you need to do is spend 27 years in prison with good behaviour, be a model president for five years after that and bingo, on your 90th birthday you will be home free.

I wonder if they have Tsvangirai on that list too.


  1. How terrible to run the risk to end in an American prison for minor offences like possession of marihuana, which is no offence in the Netherlands. Politiestaat.

  2. In California they have lots of mariuana. I am not sure that is the type of non-criminal activity this invasion of privacy is aimed at. We will have to see.


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