Coco's drive nr.6

We've been in Cairns for a day now and all we have seen is a little strip beside the highway and a deserted railroad where we went for a walk. I know, we should have gone the other way and into the mountains, but I am too much a child of the city and I need a cable to charge my ipod - which I stil haven't found though. I have a solar cel charger which should do it because it has all the right connectors and it does do the trick for my cell phones but my ipod mysteriously stays powerless. In my optimism I didn't bring the cable with which to hook it up to the computer so now I am hoping to find a place where I can buy a loose cable. I know, it is that optimism again. It does help if you know you are probably not going to find the thing that you want, you tend to enjoy the road more. There wasn't very much to enjoy on this road however. I caught lots of clingy thorny seed pods with my trouserskirtpantflaps and didn't see a single snake. We were offered three rides and declined two.

We stay in a unit too close to the highway, but the car buzz is easily blocked out. The air is fresh and there is bird twitter all around. Now that I am writing this I suddenly hear the cars closer than ever. This park is new, it is very clean and we have free internet for two hours a day. But the signal is weak and tends to suddenly not be there when you would really like it to be.

We met with a friend. He is currently moving house and has two places to his disposal this coming week. He offered that we can stay in one of his units for a few days before we move on to Cooktown. We played Mah Jong till late last night - Mah Jong is that kind of game - and he promised to meet us again today together with his teenage son.

I rented a car. That is when I discovered that I had forgotten to pack my drivers license.

Fortunately the lady behind the counter has a son who lives in Cooktown and who probably met my sister one way or the other, I am not really sure if this has anything to do with it at all, but she gave us the car with a big smile and a "I'm not worried about that at all". It may have helped that A. brought his drivers license. I can always have it faxed if push comes to shove. The last time we were here we drove from Sydney to Cooktown and back in three different rentals because two broke down on us and not once talked to a policeman or show anyone besides the rental shop person our licenses.

At least this rental is not likely to break down, it is spitting new. It is a 4WD but we have it for the price of a regular car. I really liked that lady!

No pictures yet, in this clean but boring park the most exotic image I managed to capture is a coconut. The weather is kind of grey off and on, the local people seem to enjoy the break from the heat very much, but it is difficult to make really nice looking pictures under the cloud.

Maybe later today.


  1. Oh, but it sounds wonderful to be doing such different things. It is a total adventure for you!

    I'm envious!

    Have a blast, woman!z


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