Bathroom ball - walkabouts 09

We had a party yesterday to celebrate the bathroom. The new bathroom is truly worthy of a celebration. It has a new bath and the vanity was custom built by the father of the guy who did the bath and the tiles. My sister provided a slab of wood for the top, the tilers father built the cabinet underneath and the tiler put the whole creation on water resistant stainless steel legs and fitted the porcelain basin in. The result is a miracle of harmony and natural beauty.

Everyone involved was invited. The bore-man was here (the person who found the water and drilled the bore), the tiler/bathroom-engineer/architect, the painter (myself), the owner (my sister - throwing the party) and lots of friends and neighbours and family and friends of friends and neighbours who all brought delicious dishes of food so that at the end of the evening we were left with three times more than we started with although everybody ate untill they almost burst. I especially liked the cream and fruit deserts, with or without chocolates...

The frog was probably here too, although he remained out of sight the whole evening.


  1. I love it! I think I'll have to have my own bathroom ball someday when I redo ours. Yup, it's a wonderful idea!


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