Home Rule Rulez - walkabouts 08

Drove out 50k to Home Rule. Rainforest country. Climbed waterfall all to the top. Shared the kitchen with a group of Tafe schoolers doing a ranger course to maintain traditional aboriginal owned land. turned out two were nannies to my niece and nephew, one auntie and one a cousin.

Creek is good to swim but we didn't. Very cold this time of year, besides there's big snakes. Although they áre harmless. The more dangerous the snake, the more scared it is of people. Or maybe it is the other way round. In any case, the agressive ones will stay out of your way, and the non-agressive ones won't bite as long as you don't mess with them. Still, takes too much getting used to the idea and we're only here for a short time. Getting to like this country more and more though.

Look at those flowers, aren't they unreal? No, in fact.. they are real!

This is one view you just have got to love.

Home Rule including this fresh water basin which collects the water from the waterfall is built in this beautiful country by a couple from Rhodesia and their five hard-working sons and daughters.