paranoying wildlife - walkabouts 07

My nephew doesn't like it when his mother tickles him. He finds it paranoying.

He really is a great little guy and I am glad to have gotten to know him a little better on this trip. He and his brother and sister are high ranked amongst my favourite species of Australian wildlife. Which is saying something, because wildlife we have encountered plenty again this year. The fruit of just two days:

One gorgeous blue King Fisher that entered the house by mistake and knocked itself half unconscious on what it thought was the way out

Two sunbirds, probably a couple, one male (here with blue chest) and one female - followed each other into the house and got entangled in the curtains for us to rescue

One dwarf tree frog in a pawpaw tree jumped on my hand

One giant green frog cooling its buttocks in a bucket of water

One spider - according to the book a grey huntsman: "timid biter, probably mild local pain" - which was indeed manifestly timid and I didn't feel the urge to provoke it to not bite, which it accordingly probably would not have. Huntsmen are cool.

No snakes. no scorpions. No crocs, not even on our night under the open stars out in the bush. The others caught two huge ugly iguanas on camera but I am sort of happy to have been spared their stinky presence. I am just fine with my sunbirds.

Nothing else but the mozzies which are a tiny bit paranoying.


  1. Gorgeous pics! I don't have birds like that around here, but would love to see such gorgeous colored ones at my feeders!

    I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so much!


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